Our excellence programmes cultivates and develops young people’s skills, raise aspirations, improve self esteem and helps to create leaders.  We engage with young ambassadors of sport to talk about their challenges, ambitions and goals.  By providing a platform for these ambassadors to reach out to young people in deprived communities; our excellence programmes will inspire young people via the medium of sport to learn how to set, reach and achieve personal goals.

Benefits of Excellence

– A ‘can do’ attitude, I can and I will achieve more…
– Knowledge of how to move forward and relevant support available
– Raised aspirations through goal setting and learning how to achieve

We have a commitment to all young people to promote pro-social friendships, develop strong interpersonal skills, and reassert a sense of hope in the future. Through our excellence programmes, a sense of individual responsibility can be re-established that will give young people the commitment to follow through on the path to adulthood with a sense of pride and accomplishment.


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