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Trustee Team

Here is our wonderful trustee team at Premier Foundation

Mark Ellery
Mark Ellery Premier Foundation Chair of the Board of Trustees[email protected]
Gee Cook
Gee Cook Sub Committees: People and Strategy [email protected]
Belinda Ikazoboh
Belinda IkazobohSub Committees: Income Generation & Communications[email protected]
Suzanne Rose
Suzanne RoseSub Committees: Governance and Operations [email protected]

Our board of Trustees is closely involved with the charity and has significant experience at senior level.

Our Chair provides leadership of the board and is supported by our other Trustees who all have wealth of knowledge and experience.

Over the last year, Premier Foundation is proud to have increased board diversity and strength through a recent review and recruitment of new board members in March 2021. Collectively as a Board, our Trustees demonstrate responsible leadership, judgement, and expertise to ensure the charity is run effectively.   



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